This zip file contains 15 high-quality, transparent png flower frames.  These have no white background around the outside, or the inside of the frame.  These frames will resize nicely to an 8 1/2" by 11" piece of paper without losing quality.  These frames will add charm to all of your teaching creations.  Great for Spring, Easter, and Mother's Day creations too!

You can use these pastel flower frames commercially, all that is required is a link back to  Please make sure that the images are secured and flattened within a document such as a pdf.  You can see my terms of use within the zip file for more info.

Make sure to follow my shop so you don't miss out on any more freebies, as they are added often.

Feedback is appreciated if you find these flower frames useful!

Click on my TpT button below to snag this freebie!  


Use these 10 colorful, polka dotted, circle frames for all of your teaching creations. These images are high quality png images (meaning no white background around them.) These will resize nicely to an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper without losing quality.
These images may be used commercially as long as the images are flattened in a pdf file so that they images may not be extracted.
If using these commercially, a link to
must be included somewhere in the document. You can view my full terms of use after you download. My TOU is in the zip file. 

 Click on the image above to download these adorable
circle frames for FREE!

 FREE SMART Notebook Attendance Taker

Use these attendance takers to make taking roll call fun! Each morning when your students arrive, have them move their number to the present box. Look at the numbers that aren't in the box to quickly find those students that are absent. Two different styles are included, each having 25+ student markers. Enjoy! 

Click on the image to download the free attendance taker.  

Comments are and followers are appreciated!  Thank you!  Enjoy!

Add this activity to your reading and/or word work station for extra addition math practice. Students locate the letters of their spelling words, and then add up the numbers that correspond with the letters, coming up with a sum for each of their spelling words. This will give you variety in your word work stations, while giving your students extra math practice along the way. Be sure to follow me so you don't miss out on any future additions or freebies.  Click on the picture to download for free! Enjoy! 

Bulletin Board Alphabet and Numbers Set

I made this today for my classroom and thought I would post it for everyone to use if they wanted to.  I created these yellow gingham bulletin borders to use in my classroom.  This set includes all alphabet letters in capital and lowercase, the numbers 1-10, and a period, question mark, and exclamation mark.  Each page consists of 6 pieces.  Print, cut out, and laminate for better durability.  Follow my blog so you don't miss out on any other freebies as I will post more soon.  Leave a comment if you can use this freebie!  Enjoy!

Sweet Tasting Verb Tenses Reading Game

     Your students will be sure to learn past, present, and future verb tenses (one of the new second and third grade common core standards) with this sweet tasting verb tenses game. It's bright, colorful, and includes multiple opportunities for students to practice this concept. This file contains a cover page, game board, setup instructions, how to play sheet, 27 game cards, game card backing images, and an answer key.  
     I am offering this reading center activity for FREE to all teachers.  Please follow my blog so you don't miss any other freebies, and leave a "sweet" comment if you like this activity.  

FREE Summer Background

Enjoy this adorable Summer Fun background for your interactive whiteboard.  Just click follow in the upper left hand corner of the blog and then click the link below to download the image without the watermark.  Background features thistlegirldesigns.  Enjoy!
Leave a comment to let me know what you think!  Stay tuned for a full set of summer backgrounds coming your way! 

We missed you - Missed Assignment Form

 When students are absent, place one of these "We Missed You" pages at their desk. Each time you hand out a new assignments, attach it to the sheet with directions. At the end of the day, you have a form, and all of the work for when your student returns.  Click follow in the blue bar above to follow our blog.  Also, like us on Facebook to keep up on future updates and freebies. Enjoy! 

FREE Background for Your Interactive Whiteboard

 Download this FREE background for your interactive whiteboard.  Just click follow our blog in the top blue bar.  Follow us on Facebook so you don't miss out on any freebies.
 FREE Positive Reinforcement Awards 

 Here is an award for those "good" notes home.  Maybe you have a student that really struggles with being respectful to his/her peers.  You notice one day they are doing a terrific job with this!  Give this cute positive note to them so they can show it to their parents.  Let their parents know about their good behavior that day!  Two awards, one for boys and one for girls. Make sure to follow our blog and follow us on Facebook so you don't miss out on any freebies!  Enjoy!
 Common Core State Standards 3rd Grade Math FREE Printable Download 
Someone requested a teacher-friendly or colorful version of the third grade common core state standards to keep in their lesson plan and gradebook. I thought this was a good idea for myself so I created a version for all teachers to download for free. Click on the top left to follow our blog and download the CCSS for 3rd grade math for free. I will be adding other grade levels in math throughout the week, so keep checking back. If you follow the blog, you will receive updates through the RSS feed. Enjoy!

Common Core State Standards 6th Grade Math FREE Printable Download

The final math set of common core state standards is finally finished! Yay! They are cute, teacher friendly and are great to keep in your lesson plan book. Click on the link below to print. This is a freebie for you so please follow our blog to show support! I will be adding the other subjects to for download.

Common Core State Standards Kindergarten Free Printable Download

Are you a Kindergarten teacher, or do you know one?
Here is a cute and teacher friendly version of the new Math Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten. Make sure to join/follow our blog so you don't miss out on our other freebies!

Leveling your Books for the Upcoming Year

Thanks to my walking buddy and teaching colleague, Mrs. Self I learned about Scholastic's Teaching Book Wizard.   With this free online tool you can type in the title of any book and get the lexile and/or reading level of the book.  This is a great way to sort my library for next year, so I started working on it this evening.  I have found the levels for over 50 chapter books so far and there was only one book that the Book Wizard didn't recognize.  I created some level labels that I am putting on the back cover of each book.  They are color coded.  They are circular, but I just cut them out in squares and used clear tape to adhere them to the outsides of my chapter books.  This way I can tell students which "color" books they should look for to read.  I am attaching the labels in case you can find use for them.  The first six pages say Lexile on them, and the last six pages say Level on them, depending on which you prefer to use.  
 Click here to go to Scholastic's Teacher Book Wizard

Free Background of the Week!

This is an image of the free background of the week.  Use the background in any of your Promethean Flipchart, Smart Notebook, or Powerpoint lessons.  Please remember to provide a link back to somewhere on your work.  Download the file below to receive this exclusive background for Amazingclassroom Blog followers only!  The file is in png format and you can add it to your resource or gallery library.
Right click and save as when the file loads.

Free Commercial and Non-Commercial Use Photos

Are you worried about infringing on someone's copyright when you use photos from the internet?  No need to anymore.  Free Range Stock Photos is a great place to get pictures to use for your flipchart lessons.  They are free to use and download.  You can use them for commercial or non-commercial use.  Just sign-up for a free account and type in any keywords to browse through tons of pictures.  Click the download button and save the pictures you like to your computer.  
Click here to visit Free Stock Range Photos Now
 Common Core State Standards 5th Grade Math FREE Download Printable

Here is the 5th Grade Common Core State Standards for math in a cute, teacher friendly layout to keep in your grade book or lesson plan book. Make sure to follow our blog so you receive updates to our other freebies. Enjoy! 
 Common Core State Standards 1st Grade Math FREE Printable Download

Yeah! 1st grade is now finished for all of the first grade teachers out there! These are cute and adorable teacher friendly versions of the new 1st grade math common core state standards. Make sure to click follow on the top blue bar to the left to stay up to date with our freebies!

 Polka Dot Labels

This file contains polka dot labels for your classroom. There are 6 labels on each page and come in the colors: red, orange, green, blue, purple, and black. These labels are 4 inch by 3 inch and can be printed on Avery label #5164. Choose actual size in your printer settings to align your labels for correct printing. You can also just print out on paper if you choose.
Click on my shop button below to download it for free! Enjoy!

Scoops of Blends Reading Game 
Enjoy my newest game, "Scoops of Blends" for free. Click on my TN button below to download it.  Use it in addition to my "Consonant Blends Book" and "Consonant Blends Interactive Whiteboard Lesson"
 It is best suited for grades K, 1, and 2. Enjoy!
PDF File of 2 Signs (Sharpened and Unsharpened or Broken)
 I used 2 Busch’s baked beans cans (large size), took off the bean labels and then printed, cut out, laminated, and hot glued these signs on the cans.  My signs were in desperate need of replacement, and I thought I would throw this out there if others wanted to use the signs too.  My students don’t sharpen pencils throughout the day.  I have them sharpened already, and they just use the cans to trade in their dull pencils for sharpened ones.  Enjoy!
Follow my blog so you don't miss out on any other freebies. 


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