Sunday, November 27, 2011

Synonym Rolls Reading Center or Station Activity

This center station activity contains over twenty five pages of fun with synonyms for your students. Students will manipulate the printable synonym rolls (cinnamon rolls) and place them on the matching baking sheet (print out). This center station activity includes ten words (baking sheets) and six synonym rolls (synonyms) for each word. The synonym rolls can be printed out in color and laminated to be used over and over again. Also included is a synonym assessment with the answer key that can be used as a formative assessment to find out what they know, and then as a summative assessment, to find out what they learned. Gauge the difficulty level of the station by placing only two or three baking sheets (printouts) at the center or station at a time. Make the center more difficult by gluing several of the baking sheets to poster board and mixing the synonym rolls up. An answer key to the center station activity is also provided. 


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