Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Another new Promethean Flipchart added to the website!

Sentence Puzzles

Another Promethean ActivInspire Flipchart Added - Sentence Puzzles!
Your little learners will have fun putting sentences together with this Sentence Puzzle Flipchart. The slides contain container activities where students have to put five words in order to make a sentence. Writing pages are included so students can write the sentences they unscrambled. There are several voting pages. Students read the words aloud and then decide if the sentence is written correctly or incorrectly, using Activote devices. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

New Promethean ActivInspire Flipchart Added!

This flipchart will help your students identify the difference between needs and wants. This flipchart has a title page, objectives, a video, sorting activities, voting, and more! This colorful lesson will add fun to your economics social studies unit. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

FREE Loveable Flower Clip Art Set

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Do you know all about our newsletters and templates?

Check out this great Tweet from Misty!  She found out how easy makes her teaching life with printable newsletters, behavior reports, name tags, and calendars!  Thanks Misty for the Tweet!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Free Chrome Apps to use with Your Students

Since I have transitioned from a third grade teacher to a district Educational Technology Coach, I have been busier than I thought.  Originally, I thought I would have more time to blog, but getting 10,000 Chromebook devices un-boxed, enrolled, put into a logging/tracking system, and then handed out to all 3-8 grade students does not leave me much time to have fun blogging.  This February, I will be finished, with the help of my co-op students we've hired, so I am hoping to have more time to commit to my fellow educators, and get back to providing tips, tricks, and resources for you to use!  Sorry for the absence.....I will try and be better!  Now, for some Chrome App FUN!

Lego Builder is a great app and it has many mathematical uses. 

  • You can have your students make arrays using Lego Builder.  Give them directions such as:  Create an array that has a product of 20.  They will use the Lego blocks to make an array.  Lego Builder has a feature where students can share their finished project with you, or they can take a screen shot and email their finished project for you to show understanding of the concept. 

  • Another way to use Lego Builder is to have your students work with perimeter.  You can give your students a task of making a fence with a perimeter of 50 yards, and they would have to show 50 yards by creating their fence with legos.  When they were finished, they can share their projects the same way. 

  • Students can also create buildings to show area and volume, based on a given task by their teacher.  
To have your students download this app, you can go to the Chrome Store and type in Lego Builder.  I would copy the link and share it with your students.  When they click, "Add to Chrome" the app will appear in their Chrome Browser under their waffle, or within the Chrome App Launcher if that is installed.   Here's what it looks like from the Chrome Web Store.

Geoboard, by the Math Learning
Center is a great app to use with
your students, and it has many different uses.

  • Geoboard is an interactive geobard without the rubberband mess and accidents!  How can you go wrong?   You can have your students create different shapes with a different amount of sides, or even ask your students to make five different irregular hexagons. 
  • Another way to use Geoboard would be to have your students find the perimeter or area by drawing a figure, similar to Lego Builder. 
  • You can also have your students divide the square, or circle into equal amounts to work on fractions.
  • Another nice feature about Geoboard, is that is has an annotate feature.  With this feature, students can color in parts of the fraction by shading, or even annotate problems or answers.  I don't believe their is a way to share their completed project, but you can have your students take a screen shot and send it to you to show their understanding.  Here's what it looks like from the Chrome Web Store.

What are your favorite apps to use in the classroom?  I would love to learn what you are using and how your students like using apps to supplement their learning.  

Friday, November 27, 2015

All About Idioms Promethean Flipchart Lesson just added to the website!

Your students will have fun learning all about idioms with this interactive Promethean Flipchart Lesson. Almost every page in this flipchart is interactive and covers many of the common idioms that students hear today. This page includes cute clip art depicting idioms, hang-man style games with interactive containers, drag and drop idiom match-up, as well as some voting with or without devices! 

CLICK HERE to download this Promethean Flipchart Lesson!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

All About the Kids Resource Pack

This resource pack contains 20, ready to use, adorable backgrounds featuring Thistle Girl Designs. These are to be used for personal use only and will spruce up any flipchart lessons. This resource pack will install in shared resources/backgrounds/all about the kids. These backgrounds are available in Promethean Resource Pack and Smart Gallery Pack format. 

CLICK HERE to download this set of backgrounds!